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Ready to apply for summer staff at Cascades? Follow this easy checklist to ensure that you’re on your way to the best summer of your life:

  1. Fill out our online application. Applications open October 15th at Midnight!

  2. New Staff Applicants: If you have not worked on summer staff at Cascades in the past two summers, contact three references and have them fill out the online reference form. Your references must be from the following categories: teacher, employer, pastor, spiritual leader, coach, or volunteer supervisor. Each reference must be in a different category. (No substitutions without prior arrangement).

    Returning Staff Applicants: If you worked at Cascades last summer or the summer before, contact one reference and have them fill out the online reference form. Please submit a new reference that you have not previously used.

    Reference Guidelines: No family members, former S.A.L.T. mentors, or individuals who currently work at Cascades.


  3. Once your application is complete and all references have been received, we will contact you for an in-person or video chat interview (new applicants) or a catch-up phone conversation (returning applicants).

  4. After your interview/phone conversation, we will get back to you with a hiring decision within two weeks (with the exception of some leadership positions).

  5. If you are hired, you will be sent electronically via DocuSign. Look over your start date, end date, and time-off requests to confirm that they are accurate. Fill out the hiring paperwork, sign it, and send it in ASAP.



Not sure what to expect when it comes time for your video chat interview? Never fear! We're excited to meet you, and want to make sure you feel as prepared and confident as possible. Here are a few things you should know:

  • We will contact you in advance to select a time that works for both of us. We conduct video chat interviews via Zoom, and will email you a link 10 minutes before our scheduled time that will allow you to join the call.

  • 1-2 people from our hiring team will be conducting your interview.

  • Find a quiet, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions. We want to be able to see and hear you well, since we may not have the opportunity to meet in-person before making a hiring decision.

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable and that your computer’s audio and webcam are working. With that said, we realize that technology isn't perfect (ours included - we work in the middle of the woods!), and will accommodate as needed.

  • Dress however you would dress for an in-person interview. Remember: video chat interviews are more limiting than in-person interviews, so take every opportunity you can to show us who you are and why you might be a good fit for a position at Cascades.

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